Paying For Her Stories

I really love my wife. She is really pretty. Ever since we were in college, a lot of guys have been very attracted to her pretty face and figure. When we were in college, I was able to make out with her in movie houses with other people near us. When we were married and with my sex libido and insistence, I had sex with her in hotels with open windows that somebody might see her. That was as far as it went because the problem is she always insisted that she be respected the way good girls are respected. So, she does not go out with other guys, even when I encourage her, and she won't even tell me her past sex stories. With my constant nagging, she said a few things about her past boyfriend in high school. She said that the guy was only able to kiss her. She said that the guy kissed her really hard and sucked on her tongue. That was as far as the guy was able to go because she was only fifteen then. We had already had sex when, one time in college, we broke up for few months and were living in separate cities. She said that she went out with a guy, and this guy was able to make out with her, kiss her, and touch her, but she said that was as far as it went. She said that she went out with this guy for six months. I didn't know about this until after we were married. It really turned me on, so I told her to go on with her story, but she said that was as far as it went. I offered her twenty-five grand to tell me all of her secrets. After so much nagging, she reluctantly agreed. I did ask for some preview stories, but she won't tell me any except that the guy did everything guys do to girls. Her exact words were, "Everything that should happen, happened." She said that it was more than one experience, meaning with at least two different guys on separate occasions. I still do not have the twenty-five grand, and I'm horny as hell to know her stories. You just don't know how horny I am to get all of her stories. Do you think she won't change her mind? She is still very adorable and beautiful.

— Ted, 44