Two-For-One Package

Some time ago, my wife took advantage of a two-for-one massage package. For the first massage, I got to watch her surrender to this gentle and pleasing Asian lady, and I got to make love to a spiced up wife after the lady was gone. But for the second one, I couldn't make it, so I had to resign myself to listening to my wife's story. The same lady didn't show up, but it was a young Asian guy in charge of her this time. He didn't ask her to fully undress as the lady did the day before, but he told her she could leave her undies on. She told me she felt more comfortable that way, so she happily she stepped on the table and lied facing down as he suggested. To make the story short, she told me he started on her neck and continued gently to her sides paying careful attention to her shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, feet, toes, calves, and thighs. His hands were so soft and her moves so tender that she fell asleep when he was doing her back. She dreamt of having sex with me only to wake up in the middle of an orgasm and realize she was being manually pleasured by this guy. Her anger was overcome by uncontrollable spasms of pleasure, so she couldn't prevent him from stimulating her g-spot. My poor wife cried of guiltiness as she showed me her sore spot.

— Weber, 42