Shocked and Declined

The most exciting sexual encounter I ever had was with a neighbor twenty-two years ago. I was just married and had bought a new house in March. In July, I was mowing the lawn shirtless. She was sunbathing in a bikini. Later, she told me that she was forty years old. I was twenty-seven. When I passed close by the fence to her yard, she waved and said hi. After I stopped the mower and returned the acknowledgement, she said, "Please come over and help put some suntan lotion on my back." I jumped the fence. Then she said that her husband and kids were away for the week in another town vacationing. She was lying face down and I started with the lotion at her shoulders and continued down her arms and back. When that was done, she suggested we move to her sundeck where it was more private. After I applied lotion to all of her private areas, she suddenly sat up and said, "Let's get inside." Once inside she said, "Have you ever tried a waterbed?" Of course I said, "No!" Well, she was the most enjoyable partner I ever had. We had a second session a week later. But, that was not as good as the first time, so a third time never happened. She later divorced her husband and they sold their house. Years later, I ran into her. We went for a beer. During this chance meeting, she offered to have sex with me for money. I was shocked and declined.

— Jed, 49