Her Cute Boss

I accidentally heard my wife talking to her friend about how cute their boss was. It was not only that they thought he was handsome, but they said he was sexy and hot. My wife even mentioned she wouldn't mind taking her boss's wife's place in bed. I felt like retaliating. So, the next time we were making love, I mentioned there was a new girl at work who looked very hot and was kind of a flirt. As I made love to her, she said that girl might be a perfect match for her boss who was also hot. We had very good sex, but I know she was thinking of her boss the whole time. I knew I couldn't prevent her from thinking of him, so I decided to encourage it. The next day, she dressed discretely sexy to work. A mid-thigh length skirt definitely caught his interest. She told me she couldn't believe how easy she got him checking her out and couldn't avoid thinking about it all day long. I don't know how this is going to end up, but I'm not going to stop showing her to him as though she was a doll I am playing with.

— Luis, 42