Much To My Surprise

Until recently, I had never really given any thought to the idea that I might be bisexual, that is until I met Matt. He had been a lifelong friend of my girlfriend Barb. One day, she told me that he had confessed to her that he sometimes liked to be with guys. Shortly after that, Matt and I met for lunch. We went to his place, and after some initial nervousness, we ended up having sex. He said he would like to meet up again, so the following week I went over to his place for a follow up performance. Much to my surprise, when I got there I found Barb sitting in his living room. He had told her about our first encounter, and she confessed to him that she wanted to watch the next time we got together. Then came another surprise. Matt later admitted that he had really set the whole thing up so he could have sex with Barb. Since then, Matt and I have gotten together a few times on our own. But without the presence of Barb to distract us, well, maybe it would be best to just let you imagine the rest!

— Craig, 42