Taking The Plunge

I was a fifty-eight year-old scuba instructor when I had a married woman who was one of my dive master students. My dive club had a party one night, and she stopped by. I was enjoying a nice time when she approached me to sign some qualification papers to advance her ratings. After the paper work, we had a couple of homemade sausages and some cold beers. We took a walk to the end of a secluded beach and had some small talk. I looked into her eyes and the next thing I knew, we were kissing and making out like teenagers. She was forty-four years old, married, and had three children. I certified her, her husband, and two of the three children. You could say I knew her entire family. If you had told me beforehand that this would occur, I would have said, "No way!" But, it did. Before I knew it, I had sex with her. That was something I will never forget. Since then, we have had all types of sex in all types of places. Her husband has written me and said if I continue with the relationship, he will expose me to my family. That is his choice. All I know is that I didn't start it. He obviously has the problem because he cannot satisfy his wife, but I can.

— Jackson, 59