Leveled With A Life-Changing Confession

On a Sunday morning about six months ago, my wife of twenty years leveled me with a life-changing confession. She told me her guilt was making her miserable and that she would tell me everything. She said that it all started when she hired Rick to be her assistant. Rick was in his mid-twenties, a recent college grad, and I understand very good looking. She said he began flirting with her almost from day one. She admitted to being flattered by the attention of a much younger man, and actually encouraged his behavior by returning his attention. It finally crossed the line when Rick discovered I was out of town on business, and he asked her out. They went out to dinner, dancing, and then ended up at a strip club that Rick frequents. My wife had never even been near a strip club before, but she had a few drinks and was intoxicated by the company of this young man. She said watching the dancers aroused her, and that by this time she and Rick were kissing and touching. A friend of Rick's, Brett, showed up, and Rick asked him to join them. My wife said at some point she ended up sitting between Rick and Brett, watching the stripper, and taking turns making out with both men. She admitted it was her idea to take the two men back to Mark's apartment and sexually satisfy them both. She finished the confession by saying she continued the affair with Rick for a few months, but the guilt of what she had done and was doing made her end it. She then asked me to forgive her. I moved out the next day.

— Jordan, 44