The Adult Theater

I went drinking with my buddies, and the topic was the adult movie house nearby. I had not been there but got horny with their stories. I came home, and my beautiful step-mom was in the kitchen. I joined her with a glass of wine, and we started talking about the movie house. In the spur of the moment, we dared each other to visit the shack. My step-mom is 5' 2" and was wearing a white, spaghetti-strap camisole tank top. Her well-rounded breasts were magnified as was her amazing, deep-tanned cleavage! She had on a light blue, Hawaiian, short skirt. We got into the movie. My step-mom was holding my hand really tight after seeing six or seven guys ogling at her. We sat at the very back. Immediately, a tall, 6' 6" man sat beside my mom. A few seconds later, he put his hand on the step-mom's legs. She immediately resisted and pulled away. I told her to relax. She then French kissed me and whispered to pretend. After a few minutes, the stranger tried again, and my step-mom was more relaxed this time. She let the guy caress her legs, and I was getting turn on watching it! The stranger gently pulled my step-mom's head towards him and kissed her gently. I felt her finally let go of my hand, and she started making out with this stranger passionately. As they kissed, two more men came and asked me if they can sit beside her. I complied. I saw my step-mother being undressed by three strangers. She gave each one oral sex, and then all of the other men, all seven of them, took turns having sex with my step-mom! It was the most unforgettable experience I ever had in my life! I am sure my step-mom had an incredible time, too!

— Franklin, 23