Blinded By The Lust

I worked at a rather large company, and there was a married woman who I had been attracted to ever since I met her. She was married, but it was falling apart and she decided to get a divorce. Before that happened, she became the supervisor for our group and we started to talk to each other a lot. We would Instant Message each other from work and home. Our relationship became extremely heated and passionate. Making love to her was such a turn on because she had never been with a man who knew how to satisfy a woman. We made love constantly. At the time, our relationship did not impact our getting the job done. In April of 2004, her divorce was final. Then, on my birthday weekend, she said, "I am confused. You were the only person that was always there for me during all of the bad times, the divorce, etc. Not my family, not my friends, just you always being there. But, my family and friends don't think that you are the right person for me." She at least could have stuck me with that at any other time besides my birthday. After she ended the relationship, she was unable to draw the line between personal and professional. It got her in hot water with HR. I felt completely used and abused. I really think she loved me, and I know she really enjoyed the four-hour love making sessions. But, the bottom line is that I was convenient. She used me completely and then threw me away like yesterday's garbage. It hurt me so badly that I will never be as close to another woman again like I was with her. I have a few words of advice. First, never, ever sleep with your boss. Secondly, never sleep with a woman who is married and has not filed for separation and/or divorce. And, finally, just try to be careful. I was blinded by the lust and attraction we had, but I, and other people as well, knew that she was doing whatever felt good and safe to her and the heck with everyone else. Be careful out there and meet someone who knows what the meaning of a two-way street means. Fortunately for me, I found a better job and she is a very bad memory.

— R.J., 35