Sex With An Older Woman

Since my college was in town, I stayed at home during the whole four years. One time, I run out of underwear, so I grabbed a towel and went to the laundry room for a pair. My old nanny was there and told me my underwear was in the washer and offered me a pair of her huge panties since I was in a rush. I don't know what happened to me, but I undid my towel and put on her panties right there. When I realized I had been naked in front of her, I got excited. She told me she never imagined she was going to see me naked again, and she asked me if I still remembered when she used to bath me when I was little. My excitement got the most ever, and her hands started to masturbate me. I had never seen how attractive she was until that day. She was in her fifties. By the time I reached up under her shirt, I completed. She cleaned me up and gave me another pair of panties to go to college in. After that day, I only wanted to wear her panties and be with her. I broke up with my girlfriend when she knew I was having sex with my fifty-something-year-old nanny.

— Marcos, 42