My Choice In Life

I have been married for the last twelve years. Before that, I had a fetish for wearing women's panties. I never told my wife about my fetish. Sometimes, I used to sneak into the room while she slept. I would take her panties and masturbate in them. One day, she told me she was going shopping and would be back in a couple of hours. Then just finishing working graveyard shifts, I said to myself this was a prime time to put on a pair and watch some TV before she came back. Well, I did that. The next thing I knew, she was waking me up on the couch with me just wearing her panties. I thought she was going to freak right out on me, but instead she commented on how sexy I looked in them. She said if I wanted to wear her panties it was okay. Well, the next day, I had to work. I went into the shower and came back to the room to get ready. She already had my clothes on the bed for me to work in. I looked and saw my shirt, jeans, socks, and a pair of panties. She told me that from now on, the only thing I was to wear to work were her panties. Well, I didn't fuss much on this matter since I enjoyed wearing them. Sometimes, when I'd leave town on business, she would pack a pair of men's underwear just in case. It's been six years straight for me just wearing panties, even outside of town. I have come to the conclusion that I don't even care if someone sees me wearing them, even doctors or nurses. This is my choice in life whether I want to wear them or not. Even if someone questions me about it, I will simply tell them that's my preference. If it bothers them, then they can look the other way. As long as it doesn't affect others in their daily lives or routines, then there should be no questions as to why I wear panties.

— Anthony, 35