Mother-In-Law's Help

When I was in the process of getting divorced, I traveled a lot, and my mother-in-law, Jackie, let me store some clothing at her house. I also stayed there sometimes and paid some rent. One morning, I woke up ready to have sex, and just then Jackie came into the room to get some things. She asked me how I was doing. I simply told her there and then that I was very horny and asked if she could help me with it. She said, "No problem," as she pulled down the sheets. She got hold of me and started going to it. She said we had to be quick as her friend was waiting for her to go shopping. I put my hand up her skirt to feel her panties, and I then completed. She dried me off and then planted a kiss on my package. We got it on many times after that. I told her that I had used her panties before. She said she had no problems with that and would often do me using her panties.

— Chip, 50