Wife Confesses

My forty-eight-year-old wife, Darlene, and I have been married for twenty-six years. I never would have questioned her fidelity had she not sat me down one Sunday morning and confessed. She began by telling me the affair was over and that she wanted to save our marriage and begged for my forgiveness. I was, of course, hurt and shocked. I also wanted information and was surprised to learn that the affair had been with a young man in his late twenties who I knew, and it had lasted over a year. I was completely blindsided by her revelations and as the shock began to wear off, I found myself being somewhat excited hearing about her infidelities. Over the next few days, I asked for more details, and she soon noticed I was being turned on when she described her and her young lover's activities. Her details became more graphic, and I encouraged her to tell me everything. I became especially aroused when she told me how they often made love in our bed when I was at work, and when she told me why she broke the affair off I almost completely lost it. She describe the last night they were together in which a second young man joined them in bed. She said even though the sex was amazing, it made her feel too guilty, so she decided to call the affair off. I found myself attracted to my wife in a way I had never experienced. Since her confession, I have encouraged her to feel free to see other men. Our love life has never been better.

— Grover, 57