My Voluptuous Aunt

When I was younger, my parents sent me to my uncle and aunt's home for the summer. On my aunt's birthday, I knocked on their bedroom door to say happy birthday. They didn't answer, so I went in. There it was, my uncle's wife, blow-drying her hair in front of a wall mirror wearing pantyhose and bra. She was not wearing panties, so I got impressed with her dark and abundant pubis hair that I could see through her pantyhose. I had always noticed her ample breast, but in that bra, her boobs looked just gorgeous. When I was going to go back, she got to see me through the mirror and told me to come in. I said happy birthday to her, and she said sorry that she missed my call. She invited me to come in and talk as she dried her hair since she had not too much time before leaving to work. For being barely dressed, she seemed not to be ashamed at all. On the contrary, I was pretty embarrassed and exited at the same time. I could barely help not rubbing my erection poking through my pants. It was when my uncle came out of the bathroom when I saw in her face the expression of having been doing something wrong. I had been so concentrated on her lower body that it wasn't until that moment when I noticed her skin-color, kind of see-though bra. My uncle said good morning to me and asked me to give him a break since he was going to get dressed. After I left, I heard him telling her she should not hang out almost naked in front of his nephew who was not a little child any more. I didn't get in her room again, but she seemed not to care about what my uncle told her. The next day, she broke into my room wearing panties and bra only when organizing the house to bring me my misplaced stuff. When noticing my embarrassment, she sat on my bed. Caressing my hair, she told me she knew she could not prevent me from masturbating after I saw her almost naked that day in her room. So, she had decided to give me more images to enrich my fantasies. I was seduced by her talking to the point that my instinct led my lips to hers and my hands to her breasts. She wasn't rude but told me not to misunderstand her.

— Jordan, 42