Our Open Marriage

My wife, Sue, and I had talked about opening our marriage over the years, but we never found the right circumstance. Sue brought the subject up over breakfast one Sunday morning a few months ago, and we agreed it might add some spice to our twenty-seven-year-old marriage. I asked her if she had someone in mind, and she mentioned a young man named Ted she had met at the gym who had been persistently asking her out. I admit I was turned on thinking about my wife dating a much younger man, and I agreed to a trial period. She and Ted went out that Friday, and I could immediately see the difference. She was happier than she had been in years and looked and acted younger. They had been dating a few weeks when she asked if she could go away with Ted for the weekend. I agreed only if she would tell me all the details, and then away they went the next weekend. Sunday night when she returned, I got more details than I had expected. They shared a cabin with another couple, and that wasn't all they shared. She told me they swapped back and forth, and she had her first lesbian experience! She also described in great detail how both men made love to her at the same time and how much pleasure she had received. We made love that night, and I am glad I decided to share my wife.

— Aaron, 47