Wife Exposed Herself

Recently, my wife and I were expecting an electrician to come over and do some minor wiring. She had on a cotton top without a bra. I didn't think too much of it because I like seeing her through the fabric, but I figured she would change before the electrician arrived. She didn't. This was a little surprising to me since he had an excellent view. I puttered around while she was telling him what we needed done. I would peek in the room, and he could barely keep his mind on his work while trying not to stare at her breasts. My wife acted like nothing was going on, but she knew exactly what she was doing to the poor guy. It took him a long time to finish because she gave him a lot of very good looks down her top. When he left, I could not contain myself, and I pulled her into the bedroom. She wouldn't really admit she had been turned on by exposing herself, but I knew better as soon as I had her stripped. I hope she will play her little game again soon.

— Kent, 55