What I Learned From Mom

When I was young, like ten or so, I lived with my mom and her sisters. I was fat with excess breast fat. Mom let me watch her get dressed. She always put her bra on the same way, clipped it in front, rotated it, put her breasts in the cups, and then her arms through the straps. The first bra I ever put on was one of hers. I put it on the same way she did and have been doing it that way ever since. Because I don't have enough to fill out my size 38C cups, I use pads or falsies. If my mom only knew what she started. I have been wearing women's underwear for over fifty years now. I have gone from Mom's plain bra and panty, when I was very young, to many sexy bras, matching panties, hosiery, plain nylons, fishnets, sexy lingerie and nighties now. I love getting "dressed up", and I can't stop! Thanks, Mom! Your bra was the first I ever put on, but it won't be the last!

— Wally, 65