Enjoying A Train Journey

I, along with my friend, went to attend a marriage which was venued at a rural place. While returning back, we found that the train was full of passengers, and I had to stand in the corridor of the train. I was worried because the journey was too long, and I was exhausted after attending the marriage. In the next station, a man came who was almost forty years old. He stood next to me since the train was full. Soon, I realized that he was too close to me and looking at my body. He put a finger in my thigh. I thought that he was doing it unintentionally, but I found that he was searching for something. As I was taller than him, he could not touch it without lifting his hand. As I realized it, I adjusted myself so that he could reach there. As he reached there, he touched me and began playing with me. He kept on doing it for three hours. I allowed him to do so as I enjoyed it. Three hours were spent with a sadistic pain, thus reducing other pains. As I reached my destination, both of us took a taxi together. When we reached his place, we continued our fun.

— Titus, 19