College Play

I started college at eighteen. I was a virgin and thought I was straight. I heard talk that guys met in certain restrooms on campus. Wanting sex so bad, I went there and found a hole in the partition of the stalls. I watched guys getting oral through the hole. Finally, I let a guy my age do me. I knew he was a freshman, too. I had him in a class but did not know him. I finished instantly, and he then put himself through the hole. I panicked. I thought I had to give him oral in return, and so I did. At first I was repulsed, but soon realized I enjoyed it. I realized I liked the younger looking guys and soon spent hours in the stalls pleasuring many underclassmen. I would go there about every other day, sometimes twice. Once, I did six guys in a row. Of course, rumors spread through the dorms, and I never did have a chance to get laid in college. But I remember my sex-capades fondly now.

— Brian, 39