My Bubble Butt

One night, I got home pretty late from having some drinks with my friend. When I got home, my sister-in-law and her husband were drinking with my sister. I said my good nights and headed for the shower. As I shaved my pubes and bald butt, I wanted so badly to finish in the shower so I could dress up. I love to dress in panties and small t-shirts. As I left the restroom, I was dressed up in tiny little panties that made my butt cheeks bubble up. I looked so tempting as I walked out the other door and in walked the brother-in-law. He looked at me for a few seconds, and he couldn't look away from my ass. As I walked away, I bashfully looked away but showed my stuff as I walked away. I closed the door behind me, and I felt like a beautiful, teenage girl at the moment. I haven't been with another man, but his glance made me excited. That night, he waited for everyone to sleep. Then he came to me and asked in a whisper if he could have another peek at me. Of course, I let him raise the blanket from me as I lay on my belly with my butt up in the air. What I felt next was the most amazing sensation, and I had him all that night. I was nineteen, and I loved it.

— Jeffrey, 33