Black and White

I was out of town on business and stopped in the hotel bar for a drink. The bar was nearly empty when a black couple came in, looked around, and the woman came and sat next to me. Her man friend sat next to her. I ordered another bloody Mary, and she asked if they were good. That's how the conversation started. I said they made a good drink here and was making small talk when she asked if I was ever with a black girl. I said no, and she said she was never with a white man and that she wanted to try it. I said, "How much?" thinking she was a prostitute. She said, "I'll pay you if you let my husband watch." I said, "Okay," and she said, "Let's go up to our room." I was thinking her husband must be bigger than me, and I hoped I wouldn't disappoint her. I got down to my shorts, and she came out with just a short gown on. We laid down on the bed and kissed and fondled each other. The she started to give me oral. I told her I wanted to do oral on her. As I started, her husband dropped his pants and started playing with himself. I finished her off and she finished me off. Now, her poor husband was still not complete. So, I went over to him and gave him the time of his life. After he took out a hundred from his wallet and gave it to me, he asked if I would be around the next few days. I had a meeting and then had to fly back to Florida. He asked where in Florida, and we come to find out we were only thirty minutes away from each other. Now, they want me to do them alone sometimes and together other times. I told them no problem.

— Aaron, 45