Helpful Brother-In-Law

I have two sisters-in-law. Both are very pretty faces but, in opposition to my wife, they are both a little over weight. They are very self-conscious when it comes to sex conversations, but I handle it and try to be supportive. One of them once confessed she didn't undress in front of her husband because she's afraid her sagging breasts will cool off his libido. I told her such a thing wouldn't happen if she manages to be sexy. She insisted I didn't know what I was talking about because my wife had a nice body. Then she suddenly took off her shirt to show me. My wife is in her forties, and her breasts are kind of getting saggy, but these were bad. My sister-in-law noticed I got impressed and told me, "This is what I don't want my husband to see." I took her to my wife's closet and asked her to try on one of her demi bras that exposes but provides support and uplift. She was fascinated looking at herself in the mirror. She took her pants off and when she asked me if she could try some of my wife's panties, too, I realized she was looking for more than a supportive brother-in-law. I didn't want to be impolite, so I helped her try the largest of my wife's spandex thongs. I knew what she was looking for, so I made sure my fingers rubbed gently against her. "Do you think he will like me?" she asked nervously. I told her she had to find out that and let me know later. She kept the underwear on and got dressed. The day after, she called me to tell me how she had sex with her husband. I couldn't resist the temptation and masturbated. She noticed and told me she was glad she could return my favor. Since then, I have phone sex with my sister-in-law.

— Jeremiah, 42