A Massive Crush

When I was nineteen, during my winter break, I went to my friend's house to see if he was there. He wasn't. His mom was alone and told me to come inside. We started talking on the couch, and then I told her that I had a massive crush on her. We made out, and then she gave me nice oral. During the oral, my friend walked in, and he almost caught his mom and I having oral sex. Then, the next week, I went over while my friend went for a sleepover at another person's house. I told my mom I was sleeping over at the house. After dinner, we watched a movie where we kept touching each other. Then we kissed. She then walked me upstairs to her bedroom with a video camera. We started kissing and undressing each other until we were totally naked. We each performed oral sex on each other. Then we had full sex in every position. The next morning, we woke up and went into the shower together. Here we engaged in more sex. I now try to see her once a month.

— Ryan, 21