Public Masturbation

I went to a very nice beach that was clothing-optional where being naked is legal. As I laid on the beach, I kept looking over at a young, naked couple. Soon, I couldn't help myself, and I had an erection. They both kept looking at me. As I love the humiliation of being looked at naked and exposed, I soon was trying to play with myself without being too obvious. The cute guy was soon playing with his companion and, at about that time, a guy around fifty was standing around watching the couple and looking at me. A cop on a horse came around thirty feet from us as he patrolled the beach, but soon he was on his way. "Thank goodness," I thought to myself as I began in earnest to gently pull at my little package. I keep myself totally shaved and, even though I am small, it doesn't look so bad because without the hair it looks even more obvious. Now, the woman was really looking at me all naked, and I couldn't help myself. I soon was masturbating and throwing all caution to the wind. It was so beautiful. I sort of looked away in shame for my nasty exhibition, but when I looked back, the man standing near us had walked up close to the couple and he openly played with himself. God, they were beautiful, and I hope I see them again there. I love public masturbation.

— Gerald, 67