One Merry Maid

It was a hot day. I had finished early, so I went back to the hotel. I entered the room and saw that the bed was not made up. I thought they just forgotten to do it. So, I undressed, took out my sexy clothes, and went in to take a shower. Out of habit, I closed the bathroom door and took my shower. I then dressed in my red nylons, black garter belt, red slit panties, a white baby doll top, and my high heels that clicked on the bathroom floor. I was getting excited as I was putting on the lipstick and makeup. I opened the door, expecting to admire myself in the full length mirror, when the maid turned and said, "Excuse me, but I knocked and thought you were out." I said, "Excuse me, but I like to dress like this away from home." She said the outfit was very becoming and that she could come back later to help me. That was okay, I said, and she left. I was hot with anticipation. An hour later, she knocked on my door dressed in heels, black stockings, a low-cut, see-through blouse, a black bra, and a little short skirt. In a bag, she had a blonde wig and asked me to put it on. She undid her skirt and blouse and stood in her heels and stockings. She said, "Let's get on the bed because I love to feel a man in sexy women's things." She touched me like no one ever had. We rolled around until she said, "Enough, I want us to both to feel the nylons on our legs around our cheeks." When we were both finished, I asked her if she would like to go to dinner, and she said, "Only if you wear your nylons and panties under your slacks." After dinner, it was the same all over again, and she stayed the night as she was already at her job.

— Paul, 62