Who Knew?

An ex-girlfriend of mine used to tease me about wanting to perform oral on a guy. She was excited by this and thought I might like it. I really was curious, but I never told her. The more she teased, the more curious I got. She said she had the perfect guy for me, a gay friend from work. It made me mad but excited at the same time. One day while role playing with my girlfriend, she dressed me over the top in panties, garter, bra, nylons, skirt, tight little top, make-up, nails, heels, the works! There was a knock at the door. She dared me to open it dressed as I was. It was her gay friend from work. As I opened the door, she slid out and said to have fun with a smile on her face. After much conversation and a few drinks, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. To my surprise, I enjoyed this. He was a good kisser. I let him do it again. Only this time, I found myself kissing him. My hand worked its way down and, with much teasing, I found myself performing oral on a guy for the first time. Who would have known that I would like it this much? My girlfriend came back only to find me bent over the couch experiencing anal for the first time. She slowly let herself out again with a smile on her face. My girlfriend and I are no longer together, but we're still good friends. She insists that somehow she knew I'd love it! I'm not sure what I am. I love girls, but a day doesn't go buy that I don't think of that incident. Who knew?

— Mario, 33