My Beautiful Mother-in-Law

I had a very interesting experience recently while helping my mother-in-law, Missy, unpack after she moved into a new house. Missy is a very pretty woman in her late fifties. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and the body of a much younger woman. As we unpacked her things, we were working very closely to each other, spending much time touching and rubbing against each other as we passed items back and forth and dug into boxes. At one point, we were both kneeling over a large container, going through things. I was positioned behind her, my face inches from the back of her head. I stared at her neck, shoulders, and hair. I thought of how wonderful it would be to kiss her. Ever so slowly, I moved my face towards her, focusing on the soft blond wisps of hair touching the back of her neck. I figured if I moved slowly enough, I could at least touch her hair before she became startled, and if she objected, I could just claim I accidentally bumped into her. I moved towards her with my mouth slightly open, and my lips and nose made contact with her beautiful blond hair. I inhaled deeply and smelled the most wonderful scent, a mixture of her hairspray, perfume, and her natural body scents. I very slightly eased my tongue out and lightly pressed it against a few strands of hair. At this point, I was so excited I just had to go further. So, I firmly kissed the back of her head and put my hands lovingly on her shoulders. Much to my delight, Missy did not object in any way. I rubbed and massaged her shoulders as I kissed the back of her neck where her soft, blonde hair ended in short, wispy curls. Missy didn't say anything. She cocked her head slightly back at me, smiled, and made a quiet giggling sound. I continued this for several minutes before I spoke. Then I told her now beautiful I thought she was and how much I enjoyed being with her. I knew I could not make love to her because that would ruin my marriage. Of course, she understood, so we stopped at just kissing. But, some day, who knows?

— Elijah, 45