A Party In My Pants

My wife is the boss. We make love only when she wants, and we make it the way she wants. But, she is so good at it that I do whatever she wants. She told me to bandage my hands to go to the community pool. It was 8:00 in the morning, so nobody was there but the lifeguard. She asked him to put sun cream on her back since my hands were bandaged. She asked him to untie her bikini top so he could cover her whole back. She told him he had soft hands and asked him if he doesn't mind putting some more on her legs. I was already excited by watching her back being rubbed by this guy but got even more so when he said he had plenty of time since nobody was swimming at that time. He squeezed the tub and poured some cream on her thighs. Then, he began spreading it all over her legs respectfully. My wife asked him not to miss any spot because she wanted to get a uniform tan. When he cautiously passed a hand over her buttock she said, "Yes, please, don't miss any spot," and opened her legs to let him reach between them. I didn't know what she wanted, but I was getting a hard-on. He very well understood the message and exhaustively creamed her butt taking special care of the string of her thongs. She turned around, holding her untied bikini top, spread her legs, and asked him to cover the full extent of her thighs. She asked him to slide his fingers a little bit underneath her bikini to assure every spot got covered. She then asked him to tie back her top and told me I could have sex with her if I hadn't completed yet. At home, she used her vibrator after noticing my trunks.

— Jude, 42