Gift From My Wife's Friend

While at my son's wedding reception, my wife's friend was standing next to a chair I was sitting in. Making sure that no one was looking, I slowly place my hand at the back of her leg just above her knee. She made no attempt to stop me, so I continued easing my hand up her inner thigh. Then I felt the elastic around the crotch of her panties. Running my thumb across her a few times, I noticed she was beginning to get excited. I did this for a few minutes until she pulled away. She excused herself and went to the restroom. When she returned, she leaned down and placed something in my inside coat pocket and whispered that we'd have to finish this some other time. I got up and went outside to have a smoke. What I found in my coat pocket were the panties she had been wearing. A pair of white, lacy, bikini panties. After getting home and hanging my coat in the closet, I took the panties out and placed them to my nose. Her aroma was the most wonderful smell I had ever smelt. That was two years ago. Now, I have four pairs of her panties.

— James, 50