Dye Job

Sick of dying her hair by herself, my wife asked me to help her out. I really understand how mad she gets since it was a real mess. I gave it a try but ended up apologizing since it was too much of a mess for me. Having lunch with her workmate, she told my wife she had the same problem until her husband gave her a hand once. So, she asked my wife to go to her place the following Friday after work as her husband was probably able to help them both the same night. That morning, I gave my wife a ride to work and I was supposed to pick her up at her friend's place later that night. When I got there, the three of them were holding a glass of wine and were chanting and having fun. The two girls had their bathrobes untied so her underwear got occasionally revealed. This was particularly worrying for she was going braless not to mention only wearing her coquettish pink lace thongs. I decided not to say anything since the three of them seemed quite drunk, but I can't deny I got a little turn on.

— Marcos, 42