Working Compliments

To spice things up, I bought a couple of pairs of thongs and asked my wife to wear them for me. She is pretty self-conscious about her body, so she didn't want to do it at first. But after more than a couple of drinks, she decided to give it a try. After a while, we made love. It was pretty nice having a wild wife in bed. She fell asleep and woke up the morning after to go to work. She wore another pair of thongs to work. That evening she told me she couldn't help thinking of sex all day long at work. We had great sex but not as wild as the day before. She went on a diet and lost twenty pounds. Not only her waist reduced but also her breasts. For turning forty this year, she looked gorgeous. Her breasts were not hanging as in the past, so I asked her to go braless at home for me. I told her I loved the way her breasts bounced lightly under her loose sleep shirt. The next morning, she decided to go braless to work. That night, she told me her coworker next desk complimented her for being in such shape. I told her not to believe in a young man's compliment. He for sure did it to make her feel good. The next day, she went braless again and wore a thigh-length loose skirt. She looked so tempting. I reached under her skirt to pinch a check, but she avoided it, claiming she was going to be late. That night, she told me I was wrong. She wanted to know if that guy was faking a compliment or if he really meant it. She approached his desk and initiated a work conversation. She dropped a document on his desk, leaned over it, and pointed out on it with her finger. She told me at that moment she got him staring at her legs. She bent a little more to reach a pen on the other end of the desk to tease him even more. At that point, the guy couldn't resist telling her how provocative she was in such a short skirt. She told me she pretended to stumble and fell on the carpet, apologizing after letting him see her thongs. She told me he helped her out to get up, taking advantage to put his hands on her thighs. I don't know why my wife let me know about it, but now I am always thinking about what's happening in her office since, even in winter, she goes braless and wears only thongs and loose thigh-length skirts only that during winter she puts on an over coat.

— Ryan, 43