Urge For Truth

I just wanted to share my story about being in love with a married woman. I have been in love with her for six years, and I haven't told a soul about it until now. When we first met, she was just engaged. I almost revealed my feelings then, but insecurities prevented me from doing so. Over the years, I have regretted deeply that I did not tell her. We actually grew close as friends, but lately I have been acting stupid and fear I am losing her completely. I have been acting like a love-sick fool around her, and I think she is catching on. I fear she has noticed my stupid acts, and it is scaring her away. I have tried to calm down and stay away, but my urge to tell her seems to be too overpowering. I have had these feelings for so long and, for some reason, I have a desire to complicate things by telling her. I don't want to lose her as a friend, and I have a fear I just might if I tell her. I, too, have dated other women, but it always seems to come back to her. I seem to doom any relationship I may have with someone else because I can't get over her. She is the world to me, and I don't know what to do anymore. Thanks for letting me vent.

— Carl, 39