Revenge Is Sweet

I have three sisters-in-law who are all younger than my wife. One of them, Olivia, who is fifteen years my junior, flirts a lot, is very pompous, thinks she knows everything, and has always made snotty comments about my wife being ten years younger than me, implying that because of my age she must be sex starved. This sis-in-law has a reasonably nice body but is not particularly attractive, but her attitude has always made me want to "teach her a lesson". Three weeks ago, the opportunity came up, and I took a chance. Olivia showed up at our home looking for my wife, who had gone out with some friends for the day. I invited her in for some coffee. During the conversation, she made her usual implication. So, I told her she didn't know what she was missing. It caught her by surprise, and she had a shocked look on her face. So, I tried the next step and planted a passionate kiss on her. Olivia quickly got up, acting shocked. So, I followed and kissed her again, pulling her body against mine. This time she did not pull away, so I raised her skirt while we kissed, pulled off her panties, and pulled her closer. She was so hot that I knew I would get my revenge for her attitude, so I had sex with her right there on the kitchen floor. A little later, she wanted to have sex again. I acted like I was not interested until she was just about begging me to do it with her. She is actually a great sex partner, and I wanted her again, too, but I would not tell her. I took her to an extra bedroom and we had sex for the next two hours. She's come over a couple of times since, wanting to have sex, but I turn her down to teach her a lesson. Revenge is sweet, and she no longer has such a smug attitude. I want her again, but maybe I'll wait a year to do it.

— Maury, 58