Naked Outdoors

I wish my house was located on a river, a lake, or in a forest where my neighbors couldn't see me cross-dressing. I have dreamed of putting on my sexist bra with pads to fill out my size thirty-eight cups, matching panties, thigh-high black nylons and going outside. I'd love to be able to sit on a lounge chair and feel the cool breezes blowing all over my half naked body without having to worry about the nosey neighbors seeing me in women's underwear. After a little while, I know all the sexy underwear would come off, and I'd be naked under the sun and beautiful blue sky. I know I'd also have a huge erection by then, and maybe I'd even masturbate. I wish I could do this right now, or at night in the dark, but with homes so close together that would be impossible but, I can dream.

— Larry, 64