Cold Pizza

As I read my paper still in bed, my naked wife opens her underwear drawer when Jeffrey suddenly walks in. "You must knock before entering, honey!" says my wife as she unsuccessfully tries to cover her nude body. Our nineteen-year-old son's friend can barely say sorry before he turns around and lets himself out. Still undressed and now blushed from head to toes, my wife apologizes since she doesn't mean to leave our door unlocked. I supportively give her a hug and, as I kiss her, I turn her sideward and slide my hand to her private area. After making love, she says being caught nude turns her on. From then on, we set up situations for her to be unclad on in her underwear in front of others. The longer the better. Our favorite is ordering pizza. I open the door and pretend not to find my wallet. Then, I invite the guy to come in and wait until I find my money. Then, I holler to my wife, who comes in wearing her sheer, thigh-length sleep shirt with nothing but her tiny thongs on underneath. Her braless breasts bounce at her walking movements. She finally bends over the couch, giving the guy a good peak of her butt, to find a twenty dollar bill behind it. She pays the guy, and then we make love. Cold pizza is not bad after all.

— Craig, 43