Where No Man Had Gone Before

I was nineteen when my neighbor's step-cousin came to stay with us for a while. She was on the outs with her parents. She was still a good looking gal. She had blonde hair, a full figure, and a very outgoing personality. She was also a big flirt. We got along really great. I introduced her to my best friend. They hit it off and ended up dating for many months. One night she came home clearly upset after having a fight with my best friend. I took her into the kitchen and got us some of my dad's wine. As we finished up the bottle, our conversation got more and more intense. She told me that night that she had been attracted to me since she moved in. One thing led to another, and we began to kiss. We immediately took advantage of the fact that we were home alone for the day and had sex many times. We had to get dressed when it was nearly 4:00 p.m. because the family would start showing up soon. Since then, we have gone out on dates with each other under the pretense of going to hang out with friends. We would go to the lake and to bars where nobody knew us. Needless to say, we had some incredible sex. We have since had a number of opportunities to continue our escapades. After she moved away, she went back home and got married. When I went to visit her, her husband had no knowledge of the fun we had. A week into my visit, her kids were in school and her husband was working late. We sat at the kitchen table and started to talk about old times. In a few minutes I was having sex with her. We got dressed and resumed our talk at the table. We had sex one more time when she took me to the airport. I haven't seen her since I was thirty-five, but she is planning a visit here again soon.

— Leroy, 41