Her Sister And Husband

My wife's little sister and her husband are ten years younger than us. They are thirty and in very good shape. Once by the swimming pool, I asked my wife to put sun block on my. She asked her sister to do it for her since she was going for drinks inside. On her way back, her sister's husband took advantage of the opportunity and offered to put sun block on her back as well. He not only did it on her back, but at her request he also put sun block on her whole body. Her sister did the same on me. It was obvious he noticed my wife was getting aroused with his massage, so he teased her by passing his fingers close to her breast. Her lack of complaint was a turn on for me that her sister noticed. He then dared to sneak his hands between my wife's thighs, which she must have liked since she spread them a little bit wider. When I saw her biting her lips, I knew we were feeling alike. Her sister slid her fingers underneath my swim suit and slightly touched my privates. When I saw him doing the same to my wife, I closed my eyes and pictured her being satisfied as her sister touched me down there.

— Gregg, 40