Cross-Dressing Threesome

One night when we were having sex, my wife said I could use a bra. The next night, she was in bed, and I put on her bra and panties. We had great sex. A few days later, she had a pile of clothes on the bed and told me to get dressed. I did what she asked and dressed in nylons, garter belt, bra, silky see-through blouse, and short skirt. I said to her, "I feel like a woman." She said, "Not yet," and proceeded to make me up, lipstick and all. As I was parading around the house, I was getting more excited. She called our bi friend from next door to see me. He asked if I minded if he could feel me up because I looked so sexy. It was not long before my wife suggested I give him oral sex, as I was now looking like a girl. As I was doing him, she pulled my panties off and did me. It was the best sex we have ever had. I asked her if we could do it on a regular basis. She said it was okay any time our bi friend was available. Hopefully, it will be with his girlfriend, too, as she can get it on with my wife.

— Jeremy, 50