Mother-In-Law Lust

I would like to say that I have a very attractive mother-in-law. She has a gorgeous body with a full figure and ample breasts. I have been lucky that on occasions I am able to bump into her big breasts or brush up against them periodically while getting a big hug. Her boobs are nice and full and have lots of weight to them. What I fantasize about is taking her upstairs and unbuttoning her blouse so as to expose her massive cleavage. When I masturbate about her, which is often, it's usually a short-lived event lasting only about three minutes or so. Her big, bouncing breasts always get me going in no time. I wish I could last longer thinking about them. One particular episode that always gets me excited is when my mother-in-law was bending forward to give me a section of the classified ads from the local newspaper. Her shirt fell forward and opened so much of a view that I was able to see basically everything she had to offer. It took my breath away. Her bosoms were falling forward due to the gravity and were almost falling out of her bra, putting lots of stress on her tight bra. Cleavage was everywhere, tons of it. I about exploded in my pants right there seeing this sight. With shortness of breath, I told her thanks for getting me the paper. With fast thinking on my part, I asked her for another section of the paper. As she bent over again, there was her glorious cleavage again. I wanted so badly to reach down her shirt and touch them, but I didn't. Now, I use that visual almost anytime I need help getting off. To boot, she also has been given a nice butt to look at as well. Perhaps someday, I'll catch her naked or in her bra and panties. I only hope then that she'd want a young man to give her one more ride so she could remember what it feels like to be appreciated and loved. If she only knew how much I think about her. It would make her blush.

— James, 42