As I Lay Sleeping

My wife's sister invited us over for a sleep-over, movie-watching night. When she put the movie on, it happened to be about a married woman that ended up making it with her brother-in-law. Although my wife and her sister are ten years apart, they look pretty much alike. But for being older, my wife was so sexy in her mid-thigh length sleep shirt. Her sister's husband couldn't help staring at her charms. Up to a point, I confess that to my surprise, I was getting a turn on. I managed to be sitting with my wife in such a fashion that her brother-in-law could take a good peak of hers. I think my wife noticed it since she covered herself with a pillow. Then slid my hand between her legs purposely removing the pillow and to rub her undies. I thought my wife never realized her sister's husband was looking for she bent her knees up and opened her legs to ease my access. I told her I thought her brother-in-law was looking at us. My wife told me she was so liking it that we should pretend we didn't know it. So, we did. When the movie was over, my wife said she was tired and went to bed. I stayed in the living having a drink with her sister and husband. After a while, my wife got out of our bedroom in her sexiest see-through nightgown and asked me to go to bed with her. I couldn't believe she was there in front of her brother-in-law. Her nightie was so transparent that we all could see everything. Her brother-in-law asked her to have a drink and stay with us, which she agreed upon. My wife's sister seemed uncomfortable and went to bed. I pretended I fell asleep on the couch to let my wife flirt. They were having wine and talking about sex until I really fell asleep.

— Darthmus, 42