I Love To Dress Up

A few days ago, I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to wear some of her panties as we had sex. She said, "You know where they are." What music to my ears! I went and put on some of her black shiny panties and instantly got so hot. We had such nasty sex. We have been married for twenty-two years, and this is a dream come true. Tonight we went out, and she dressed like the total slut with a crotch less body suit and a bra with cutouts for her breasts to show. Of course, she was wearing tight jeans and a sexy shirt so you could not see what she had on underneath. We were so hot. She took me to the mall and bought me several panties and a black garter. We then drove to an event, and I started to play with her on the way. By the time we hit the parking lot, she was begging me to go to a darker area. I pulled into an isolated place and continued to play with her. She then pulled open my pants and gave me such great oral sex. I can't wait to see where this new panty love will take us. I do love to dress up when I am alone, and she says that is perfectly fine with her. I am waiting for my online order to arrive. I ordered myself two pairs of black pantyhose, a pair of four-inch, black high heels, and also a pair of four-inch red high heels for her. I am so horny that you know what I am doing next.

— Tyrell, 46