This Morning We Didn't Talk About It

My wife is the type of conservative woman that would never consider having an affair with another man being married with me. However, her recent behavior is getting me a little bit nervous. She's been dressing rather sexier to work as well as for social events. Reveling skirts and blouses, sheer brassieres, and thongs seem to be nowadays her dress code. We rarely touch sexual topics in our conversations, but I needed to talk to her about it and prudently told her about my impressions. Totally unexpectedly, she told me that realizing she was forty this year, she felt in need of knowing if she was still attractive to men. I didn't count since I was not going to tell the truth to her. She then added finding out she was still able to turn men's heads made her more sexually active with me, which was true. So, I decided to positively reinforce her attitude. Last night, she asked me to accompany her to a cocktail party she had with fellow members of her profession. I knew her partner's husband was not in town, so I suggested my wife go with her since I didn't want to be a killjoy. She gladly accepted my idea and also my dressing advice. It was a cold night, so I asked her to wear her heavy black wool coat and dress very light underneath. The sharp contrast between being bundled up at arrival and barely dressed after getting rid of her coat would get men's attention. When she kissed me good-bye, she looked like a time bomb to me. I knew that going braless with loose breasts and tiny thongs under her mid-thigh length, black, thin dress was going to be a men magnet. Later last night, she came into the house singing of happiness. Her wine breath confirmed that she had some fun. As she took off her coat, she was saying to me out loud, "I was talking all night long. I met dozens of guys. The new president of the organization is very cute and no more than thirty-five." Then she got close to my face and, before sensually licking my lips, she told me he even asked her out! After a short pause, she confessed to me it was such a turn-on being asked out. She kept on kissing me and began to undo my belt. "I can't take it any longer," she added, "Please finish me up right now." Knowing she had that man in her thoughts turned me on. I helped her to bend over our bed, and I made love to her. I was treating her as a slut for the first time in our lives. As we made love, we got into dirty talking. I asked her to turn around, but she refused, saying she wanted to continue thinking it was not me but the new president making love to her. We both orgasmed and fell asleep. This morning we didn't talk about it.

— Cornwallis, 42