My Wife And My Fetish

Hi, my name is Leroy. My wife has a pantyhose fetish. She dresses me in pantyhose and then goes out for the evening with friends. During the evening, she usually will call me and tell me about the guy or guys that are hitting on her as I sit home alone. She will make sure that I understand that I am home alone in her pantyhose, and she is dancing around with other guys. When she finally gets home around 3:30 or 4:00 a.m., I am primed for her to work me over. She makes sure my pantyhose are all wet and sticky. Afterwards, she always makes me sleep in them. The next day, she starts all over again. I wear pantyhose when we go to her mother's house. The last time we were there, she had me show my mother-in-law my pantyhose. I was so excited and horny that I went to the washroom to relive myself. When I returned to the room, they had smiles from ear to ear knowing full well what I had done in the washroom.

— Leroy, 49