Baby For The Neighbor

One day during the summer, I was lying around the house in a pink t-shirt and a very thick nappy. Over the top off the nappy, I had frilly plastic panties on and was also wearing frilly socks. That same day, I was standing at my back door in the same clothes when my neighbor came round to put her wash out. I said hello to her, and she started talking to me. She walked over to the hedge and spotted my baby clothes straight away, but she keep on talking to me as if I was wearing normal clothes. I later found out she didn't mind me dressing like a baby and was even bold enough to say to me that she could tell I was in a thick nappy under my joggers. She then came to my house for a cup off tea a few days later with me completely dressed as a baby girl, wearing a baby dress and all.

— Stanley, 31