In No Way Fond Of Men

I started wearing women's lingerie when I was ten or eleven years old. I wore my sister's underwear for the first time to bed one night, after everyone was asleep. Later on, I found one of my sister's panty girdles, and I would wear that to bed along with nylon stockings. I can't remember the number of times I have worn women's lingerie since I was that young adolescent, but I still do it. I wear ladies' thongs or g-strings as my underwear everyday at home or at work or when I go shopping. I have had numerous pairs of high heels, and I am getting two pair of five-inch heels in the mail this week. I use an epilator on my legs, and they are as smooth as silk. I paint my toenails, too, and I wear shorts in the summertime. I like the feel of women's sexy lingerie on my skin, and it makes me feel very sensuous. I am married, and my wife somewhat knows of my fetish. When the wife isn't home, I will put my sexy things on and wear them around the house and pleasure myself to orgasm. I am in no way fond of another male's body!

— Dante, 51