A Clueless Participant

My wife and I love fondling in the presence of friends, pretending not being noticed. Last weekend, we invited her sister and husband over to watch a movie. My wife got comfy in her thigh-length bathrobe and, with the lights off, asked me to pleasure her with my hand from behind as we watched the movie. Her sister's husband caught us and couldn't concentrate anymore on the movie. Her sister didn't notice anything at all. I increased the movement of my hand so my wife's butt got eventually revealed for her sister's husband's delight. We deliberately stopped fondling, and I went to the kitchen for a drink. When I came back, my wife had moved in the couch toward her brother-in-law. Her bathrobe was undone, revealing her thighs and almost her thongs. I took the spot on the other side of my wife who began passionately kissing me. Then, she unzipped my pants and started to give me oral. She whispered in my ear that at that time her brother-in-law was sliding his hand between her legs. I didn't want her sister to notice anything, so I stayed quiet and pretended not to notice it. We both completed at the same time. We really liked what happened but don't know how to set it up again without her brother-in-law knowing it.

— Jose, 42