Work Ritual

One day at work, my boss' wife and I were working on a project together. We were working from the same desk in a tight cubicle and our legs would touch as we were working. Toward the end of the day, we started talking about our plans for the evening and joking around. By that point, the sexual attraction between us was obvious, but unspoken. We started talking about sex and she revealed to me that she and her husband (my boss) were interested in a threesome and that she had an enormous sexual appetite. At five o'clock, my boss announced that he was going to go to the post office and would pick up some beers on the way back to celebrate the progress we had made. By the time he returned, his wife and I were half into it. He didn't mind at all. Later on, he joined in. Since then, we have a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ritual of ending the day with a couple of beers and some great sex in the office. Our new secretary is quite attractive and we are considering introducing her to our tradition. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

— Steve, 28