Delicate Clothes

Being sick of doing laundry, my wife was more than happy when our high school senior son's friend volunteered to do it for her as part of a community service school program. "Kurt is marvelous!" she exclaimed when putting on a pair of panties she found duly folded in her dresser. One night, we had a couple of drinks at home, and we got in the mood. We both undressed one another until she asked me to leave her panties on. I had no objections and continued kissing and caressing her thighs. When I got to her undies with my kisses, she told me I was putting my lips where Kurt had put his hands. Then she told me she felt kind of guilty since she had thoughts for Kurt every day when getting dressed and undressed. I told her it was okay to have thoughts for such a cute and kind young man. Since, we have made ardent love while talking about him. Kurt used to do her laundry on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when she was at work, so she hadn't been able to train him on how to take care of her delicate clothes. So, I suggested she ask him to come over next Saturday morning since our son was going to be out on a soccer tournament for the weekend. That Saturday when I returned from taking our son to take the school bus for his trip, my wife was with Kurt in the laundry room in the basement. I went downstairs to say hello. She was holding his hands in a basin filled with warm water, soap, and delicate clothes; mainly her panties and bras. Her usual laundry attire seemed to be provocative that day. Through her light bathrobe, her thongs were visible and unavoidable. I wanted to let them alone, so I let myself out. After the guy left, my wife told me about their training session. She teased him until he dared to slide his hand up her thigh. She then undid her bathrobe and sat on a pile of dirty clothes. He gently kissed her down toward her panties. He held her legs up. She then told him her husband was upstairs so he should stop. He kept her panties to masturbate at home. We make love passionately while talking about it. Kurt continued doing her laundry but never returned those thongs. My wife doubts he will ever wash them at all. She was soaking wet when he licked them on her. Kurt graduated and moved out for college. My wife tells me she still has thoughts for him when dressing and undressing every day.

— Lonnie, 42