My First Massage

I had always been curious about what really happened behind the doors of an "Oriental Massage Parlor". So, one day while I was in college, I decided to check one out. Was I glad I did! The lady I met there was so hot! She greeted me at the door with a hug and ran her hands lightly across me as I came in. As soon as I had stripped and was laying down on the bed, she came back in and removed her skimpy lingerie. Her body was bangin'! When she saw my excitement, she whispered, "Wow!" in astonishment. She asked me to roll over on my stomach and began rubbing my back. Gradually, her hands moved lower and she started kneading my butt ever so gently. As she did, I hinted to her that I wanted to have sex with her. She didn't argue. When I had finished, she dressed me and walked me to the door. As I left, she spanked my butt softly and whispered, "Come back." And I did - four more times before the place was shut down. Those were the hottest Asian girls ever!

— Stewart, 37