Mother-In-Law Intense Encounter

I have always had a sexual fantasy about myself and my mother-in-law. We would always be together when she babysat while my wife went out for the night with friends, and I got home from work. One night when I got home, instead of her leaving, we ended up talking over a couple of drinks. I talked about her recent weight loss and how great she looked. She said she wished her husband felt the same way. I told her if I wasn't married and if she wasn't my mother-in-law, I'd be all over her. Our age difference is only ten years and yes, I have a young wife. After she told me how sweet that was, she kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. She held onto the hug, and I thought, "What the hell?" I kissed her neck. She pulled me against her, and we started to make out. Before I knew it, I had my hand up her shirt. She started to fondle me. I responded by doing the same to her. We both orgasmed. It was the most intense encounter of my life. We might just go all the way next time!

— Rick, 42